Travel tips for Europe

Travel tips for Europe

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If you’re planning a trip to Europe, it’s ideal to come prepared. To help you have a safe and hassle free journey, we’ve come up with some tips that you can use to prepare before visiting Europe.

Language Barrier

Some places in Europe aren’t always familiar with the English language so you may find it difficult to communicate with some of the locals. To help you get around, you can bring a small language guide book that you can use when trying to communicate in their language.

Comfortable Shoes

If you’re planning on sightseeing and walking around the cities of Europe, it’s always smart to bring a comfortable shoe such as a trainer instead of bringing a sandals or stilettos. Their streets are also built with cobblestones so you would want to avoid wearing any flat or thin shoe wear.

Pick Pockets

Europe is known for pickpockets. You can avoid getting robbed by keeping your valuables in places that are hard to find or reach. You can purchase a secure bag like a money belt that keeps your money hidden away from thieves. We also recommend splitting your valuables into different bags or pockets to prevent you losing all your valuables in one bag in case they get stolen.

Scan/Copy Documents

Before leaving, make sure you photocopy any important documents such as your passport, credit card, flight ticket and your hotel reservations. You can also scan a copy of the documents to your mobile phone. Don’t forget to make a list of contact numbers that you’ll need once you arrive in your destination. Make a note of all the contact number including the airline, hotel and your card company.


Make sure you bring different payment options including a credit card, cash, traveller’s cheque or even a backup card in case your card or cash get stolen. This way you can always make a payment in the event of emergencies.

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