Tips on finding cheap flights next year

Tips on finding cheap flights next year


In this new era, there are numerous ways you can get yourself a cheap flight. You don’t have to spend thousands of money on your plane ticket. The trick is to know where to look and how to find them. On this article, we’re giving you our latest tips on how to find cheap flights for your next trip!

Late Night Travel

Late-night travels tend to have cheaper tickets compared to day time travel. A late-night trip means your flight leaves pretty late at night and you get to your destination early in the morning. Travelling at night is not always convenient, but if you’re after a cheaper flight then it’s a no brainer!

Incognito Search

Have you ever looked for a flight and the next time you check the price, you realise the prices have gone up? Well, this is due to the search engines sending a report to travel sites telling them the tickets are being viewed. When a travel site sees a lot of traffic on a particular page, they usually put the prices up the next time you visit their site. To ensure this doesn’t happen, search using an incognito browser to hide your cookies from the search engine.

Travel alerts

Sign up for numerous email alerts from different travel companies. The alerts will update you if the prices drop or increases on the dates you want to travel. They may also email you with travel flights that are within your budget or available on the dates you’re looking to fly.

Google Flights

When comparing flight tickets, Google Flights does all the work for you. They compare all the available flight ticket from different companies at the time you want to travel. By changing the dates, you’ll be able to see the price fluctuates, which helps to find the lowest price available on different days of the month

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