Tips for choosing hotels in Greece

Tips for choosing hotels in Greece

Luxury hotels Greece

When one thinks of Greece you get images of long sunny days filled blue skies and white sandy beaches. Lazing on a deck chair whilst sipping a ridiculous cocktail with a small wooden umbrella!

Trying to find that luxury hotel to fit both your budget and vacation needs, is where a headache begins!

Don’t get hung up on the stars

When travelling abroad from the UK choosing a hotel can be quite a nightmare! Especially if you have not been to the country before.

Tourists make the mistake of assuming the hotel rating system is the same worldwide! Assuming this could lead to disappointment upon your arrival at your destinations hotel!

In some countries even, the big luxury chains may disappoint!

Always check the hotel for the following:

  • Before booking a hotel find some reviews on it. Travel sites that have the hotel listed always have personal ratings and reviews! Speak to two or three travel agents other than your own about their recommendations.
  • Speak to two or three travel agents other than your own about their recommendations!
  • The room sizes may differ from those of the UK. For instance, a Queen size room may be a double room in some countries!
  • Check what the hotel has to offer, like Wi-Fi, TV, pool, spa, laundry and 24-hour room service, etc. If you do not have your own transport ensure you are close to all the sites, shops and local entertainment for quick access.
  • Make sure you are close to public transport should you require these services
  • If it is a beach resort or hotel check that it is on or close to the beach. Some hotels advertise they are beach front but what they mean is they have a distant view of it.
  • Always check what plugs they use to ensure you have adaptors for chargers, etc. Some hotels supply these for you.
  • Check that all services are on offer 24/7 should you require this.
  • If you need shuttle services to and from the hotel find out if the hotel has their own service, if they have a third-party service or if you are expected to make your own way. If they offer the service, you must make sure you have booked the service for your arrival and departure from the hotel to avoid delays and disappointment.

Play it safe stick with the chain names

The best way to avoid having to find a new hotel upon arriving in Greece is to stick to the chain names such as the Hilton, Marriot and Sun International hotels.Or you can try out some of the more popular hotels in Greece that has great reviews but come with quite a hefty price tag.  If you got offseason, some of these hotels tend to have great discounts and better rates.

Luxury hotels in Greece

We have put together a list of four top luxury hotels in Greece that if your budget can afford are well worth a try.

Luxury hotels Greece:

  • Danai Beach Resort and Villas This hotel is in Chalkidiki in Greece, perched right above Nikiti Beach and overlooks the Aegean Sea.Not only do you get all the luxury of top-class elegant suits and treated like a king but the food is excellent, the resort’s entertainment is really good plus they have private access to the beach.
    Here you can laze of that beach lounger whilst sipping a crazy cocktail.
  • Ikos Olivia Resort This hotel boasts spacious guests rooms and the best of Greek hospitality located in southern Halkidiki.
    The elegant one or two bedroomed bungalows look out over the Aegean sea, they have their own private gardens and pool.
    When dining at this resort you can be assured you are getting the very best cuisine with their Michelin-starred chefs offering an assortment of Italian, Asian, French and Greek foods.There are all sorts of sports and water sports for their guest’s convenience and a full spa.
  • Eagles Palace Part of a small chain of luxury hotels four kilometers from Ouranoupolis village in Halkidiki and very close to Mount Athos.This five-star resort is big on families catering for kids with great play areas and a kids club.
    They have an array of different rooms, suites and bungalows on offer each one with their own unique splash of luxury.
    The resort has all the modern amenities, sports facilities and some top chefs with a diverse menu that is sure to make your mouth water.
  • Blue Palace This Island paradise luxury collection resort and spa located in Crete offers unrivalled views of the most beautiful coastline.With great holiday offers throughout the year, it caters for most tastes with its beautifully spacious rooms and suites, most of which have full sea views. Some of the features of the resort are its premium beach experience, unique dining options, a really wide range of water sports including boating and fun entertaining activities for the kids. The Blue Door Taverna has the best seafood around that is mostly fresh from the sea to your table.  This taverna is in an old fisherman’s house that has been lovingly restored creating an enchanting atmosphere and boasting the most fantastic views.


Greece has a lot of great little places dotted all over that are not that well-travelled and a person can find some great holiday deals. Although most people flock to the sea-side beaches in the South of Greece there are many gorgeous little villages in the mountains to the North as well.
For a great summer destination, there are villages like Metsovo that is more popular in the winter due to its proximity to ski resorts.
This village offers quaint picturesque buildings and a 17th-century castle.  Even though there are not that many luxury hotels you should not rule out the smaller family runs ones.  These are usually brimming with the warm welcoming Greek hospitality, charm and great homecooked Greek food!
There are many myths, legends and lore that surround the mountain villages of Greece!

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