Tips for choosing hotels in Greece

Tips for choosing hotels in Greece

Luxury hotels Greece

When one thinks of Greece you get images of long sunny days filled blue skies and white sandy beaches. Lazing on a deck chair whilst sipping a ridiculous cocktail with a small wooden umbrella!

Trying to find that luxury hotel to fit both your budget and vacation needs, is where a headache begins!

Don’t get hung up on the stars

When travelling abroad from the UK choosing a hotel can be quite a nightmare! Especially if you have not been to the country before.

Tourists make the mistake of assuming the hotel rating system is the same worldwide! Assuming this could lead to disappointment upon your arrival at your destinations hotel!

In some countries even, the big luxury chains may disappoint!

Always check the hotel for the following:

  • Before booking a hotel find some reviews on it. Travel sites that have the hotel listed always have personal ratings and reviews! Speak to two or three travel agents other than your own about their recommendations.
  • Speak to two or three travel agents other than your own about their recommendations!
  • The room sizes may differ from those of the UK. For instance, a Queen size room may be a double room in some countries!
  • Check what the hotel has to offer, like Wi-Fi, TV, pool, spa, laundry and 24-hour room service, etc. If you do not have your own transport ensure you are close to all the sites, shops and local entertainment for quick access.
  • Make sure you are close to public transport should you require these services
  • If it is a beach resort or hotel check that it is on or close to the beach. Some hotels advertise they are beach front but what they mean is they have a distant view of it.
  • Always check what plugs they use to ensure you have adaptors for chargers, etc. Some hotels supply these for you.
  • Check that all services are on offer 24/7 should you require this.
  • If you need shuttle services to and from the hotel find out if the hotel has their own service, if they have a third-party service or if you are expected to make your own way. If they offer the service, you must make sure you have booked the service for your arrival and departure from the hotel to avoid delays and disappointment.

Play it safe stick with the chain names

The best way to avoid having to find a new hotel upon arriving in Greece is to stick to the chain names such as the Hilton, Marriot and Sun International hotels.Or you can try out some of the more popular hotels in Greece that has great reviews but come with quite a hefty price tag.  If you got offseason, some of these hotels tend to have great discounts and better rates.

Luxury hotels in Greece

We have put together a list of four top luxury hotels in Greece that if your budget can afford are well worth a try.

Luxury hotels Greece:

  • Danai Beach Resort and Villas This hotel is in Chalkidiki in Greece, perched right above Nikiti Beach and overlooks the Aegean Sea.Not only do you get all the luxury of top-class elegant suits and treated like a king but the food is excellent, the resort’s entertainment is really good plus they have private access to the beach.
    Here you can laze of that beach lounger whilst sipping a crazy cocktail.
  • Ikos Olivia Resort This hotel boasts spacious guests rooms and the best of Greek hospitality located in southern Halkidiki.
    The elegant one or two bedroomed bungalows look out over the Aegean sea, they have their own private gardens and pool.
    When dining at this resort you can be assured you are getting the very best cuisine with their Michelin-starred chefs offering an assortment of Italian, Asian, French and Greek foods.There are all sorts of sports and water sports for their guest’s convenience and a full spa.
  • Eagles Palace Part of a small chain of luxury hotels four kilometers from Ouranoupolis village in Halkidiki and very close to Mount Athos.This five-star resort is big on families catering for kids with great play areas and a kids club.
    They have an array of different rooms, suites and bungalows on offer each one with their own unique splash of luxury.
    The resort has all the modern amenities, sports facilities and some top chefs with a diverse menu that is sure to make your mouth water.
  • Blue Palace This Island paradise luxury collection resort and spa located in Crete offers unrivalled views of the most beautiful coastline.With great holiday offers throughout the year, it caters for most tastes with its beautifully spacious rooms and suites, most of which have full sea views. Some of the features of the resort are its premium beach experience, unique dining options, a really wide range of water sports including boating and fun entertaining activities for the kids. The Blue Door Taverna has the best seafood around that is mostly fresh from the sea to your table.  This taverna is in an old fisherman’s house that has been lovingly restored creating an enchanting atmosphere and boasting the most fantastic views.


Greece has a lot of great little places dotted all over that are not that well-travelled and a person can find some great holiday deals. Although most people flock to the sea-side beaches in the South of Greece there are many gorgeous little villages in the mountains to the North as well.
For a great summer destination, there are villages like Metsovo that is more popular in the winter due to its proximity to ski resorts.
This village offers quaint picturesque buildings and a 17th-century castle.  Even though there are not that many luxury hotels you should not rule out the smaller family runs ones.  These are usually brimming with the warm welcoming Greek hospitality, charm and great homecooked Greek food!
There are many myths, legends and lore that surround the mountain villages of Greece!

Visit Japan on a budget

Visit Japan on a budget


Japan is one of the most popular places to travel in Asia. The country is known for its modern technology and their unique culture. It is also one of the cleanest countries in the world. Another fact that you’ve heard of many times is that Japan is also an expensive country to travel. But don’t worry, there are other ways you can reduce your travel expenses. We’ve come up with some tips below that are proven to help you save money when going to Japan.


There are many affordable accommodations in Japan. As long you have done your research, you should be able to save money by staying in the cheapest accommodation you could find. We’ve discovered that their most affordable accommodations are dorms, hostels and capsule hotels which you can find in their city centre too.

When to visit

Know when to book the cheapest flight. The quietest season in Japan is usually during the early winter from September to November. This is the time when there is less crowd as most of the Japanese students and kids would be back in school around this time. It’s also cheaper to travel around late winter time after new year from February to March. Prevent flying on the busiest season including Christmas, new year and summer time.

Discount ticket shop

In Japan, they have a discount ticket shop which they call ‘Kinken shop’. These shops are located near a train station, and they offer a variety of discount on travel and attractions in Japan. It’s worth checking them out and see where you can save in your trip.

Japan rail pass

The cheapest and quickest way to get around is by rail. They offer a rail pass for any visitors who are staying in Japan for less than three months. The pass also allows you to use some of their public transport including the bullet trains, ferries and buses. However be aware that you will have to book the rail pass online before you arrive as you cannot purchase them anywhere in the station or airport. There are three different type of passes including the 7-day, 14-day and 21-day rail passes which all vary in prices.

A guide to using Inter Rail in Europe

A guide to using Inter Rail in Europe


If you’re looking to travel around Europe, then an inter rail ticket is maybe just what you need especially if you are on a budget too. The Inter rail allows you to travel to any countries in Europe including Amsterdam, Germany, Sweden, Poland and many others. Inter rail allows you to hop in or hop off a destination.

Ticket type

A single pass allows you to travel to any places in one country. A global ticket, on the other hand, allows you to go to any countries in Europe. If you’re a non-EU citizen, you will have to purchase the Eurail Pass. Tickets are also available in different age group. They have an adult ticket, youth ticket and a group ticket.

How it works

Depending on your ticket type, your ticket will allow you to jump in and off different destinations in Europe. The ticket is solely only for your journey. There are extra services that they offer in which you may have to pay extra. For instance, there’s an additional charge for reserving a seat. Some Inter rail cabins offer a bunk bed for night travels, but they aren’t included in your ticket price. However, you do have an option to stay overnight on the train for free, but you will have to stay in your seats.

The ticket only applies to one person meaning it can’t be transferred to another individual. Furthermore, before you start your journey, Inter rail will ask you to fill out a form that outlines your trip details.

Travel Tips

Before you start your journey with Inter rail, it’s important to be prepared. It’s advisable to pack light and bring your most comfortable clothing and shoe wear. Don’t forget to bring your essentials and any important document that you need.

Do your research beforehand. Researching the locations you are visiting is ideal so that you know where to go. Bringing a small map of the countries, you are going to will be helpful when you are hopping in and off the rail. Planning your journey can help you save time when travelling as you have an idea on where and where you want to go instead of wasting time wandering around the location.

Keeping your valuables safe is important. There are many ways you can keep your valuables safe. For instance bringing a money belt can be useful when hiding your money or your documents.

Interrail is a great travel pass for anyone who wishes to visit the whole countries in Europe. It’s ideal to do your research before starting your trip so that your journey will be hassle free and more enjoyable.

Travel tips for Europe

Travel tips for Europe

venice italy

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, it’s ideal to come prepared. To help you have a safe and hassle free journey, we’ve come up with some tips that you can use to prepare before visiting Europe.

Language Barrier

Some places in Europe aren’t always familiar with the English language so you may find it difficult to communicate with some of the locals. To help you get around, you can bring a small language guide book that you can use when trying to communicate in their language.

Comfortable Shoes

If you’re planning on sightseeing and walking around the cities of Europe, it’s always smart to bring a comfortable shoe such as a trainer instead of bringing a sandals or stilettos. Their streets are also built with cobblestones so you would want to avoid wearing any flat or thin shoe wear.

Pick Pockets

Europe is known for pickpockets. You can avoid getting robbed by keeping your valuables in places that are hard to find or reach. You can purchase a secure bag like a money belt that keeps your money hidden away from thieves. We also recommend splitting your valuables into different bags or pockets to prevent you losing all your valuables in one bag in case they get stolen.

Scan/Copy Documents

Before leaving, make sure you photocopy any important documents such as your passport, credit card, flight ticket and your hotel reservations. You can also scan a copy of the documents to your mobile phone. Don’t forget to make a list of contact numbers that you’ll need once you arrive in your destination. Make a note of all the contact number including the airline, hotel and your card company.


Make sure you bring different payment options including a credit card, cash, traveller’s cheque or even a backup card in case your card or cash get stolen. This way you can always make a payment in the event of emergencies.

Top reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel

Top reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel

Luxurious hotels are commonly seen as an expensive option or a luxury that’s only affordable by celebrities and the wealthy. However, it’s only recently where this is not the case anymore, as there are now plenty of affordable luxury hotels in the market no matter where you go. Due to the high level of competition within the tourism industry,  businesses are now keeping up with the level of standards that’s expected today. So apart from getting a better service from a luxury hotel, there are much more reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel when travelling anywhere.

If by any chance you are travelling to Greece, we recommend trying out a 5 stars hotel in Greece. The Porto Zante Villas & Spa is a perfect choice if you’re looking for one of the best hotels in the country. You can check out their villas by visiting their website on


Adventure and Activities

Many luxurious hotels offer much more than just a room and a bed. They provide a broad range of activities and areas in the hotel where you can try out various types of activities and events too. For instance, gyms and sports activities are available for customers who wants stay active even during their holiday. Other sports activities usually include cycling, tennis, yoga, water activities and many others.



If you don’t fancy exercising during your holiday, there are other activities that are more suited for relaxing. A spa treatment and a massage session are normally offered in most luxurious accommodations. Furthermore, they ensure that everything is comfortable during your stay and that includes providing you with the best quality of service from start to finish so that you can relax and not worry about anything.


Better Value

You are likely to get a better value for your money when choosing a luxurious hotel as they provide an exceptional service. For example, the rooms are well-decorated with better furniture with a more welcoming atmosphere as well. You are also entitled to other extra features like a WiFi access, drinks, breakfast, TV and more.


Better Surroundings

Most high-end hotels will no doubt come with a better scenery and surroundings. They are normally located in the best are of a location. Often you will find that they are located next to an open area, gardens or attractions. This way you won’t have to travel far away from your accommodation as there are plenty of things for you to discover inside and outside the hotel.


Restaurants and high-quality food

You can expect the best cuisines and plenty of food choices when visiting a luxury hotel. The hotels are employed with the best chefs to ensure that you are getting the best taste and quality when it comes to food. Fresh local ingredients are always served to a high standard, and you can try out new dishes too. So what’s not to like?

If you want an amazing experience during your holiday, getting a luxury hotel will give you far better value for your money as you will be getting the highest level of service right from the start and throughout your stay. So next time you book a hotel, try a luxury accommodation.  

What To Expect In New York City

What To Expect In New York City

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is New York City, in the state of New York, USA. Its many iconic attractions have their images plastered across our media and culture, so it’s no surprise that many people feel the urge to visit and experience it for themselves.

But apart from the obvious tall buildings and flashing lights, what can you expect from your trip? It’s a good idea to bear these things in mind, as they can help you plan your time as well as your spending.

It’s not as cheap as it was

As UK-based travellers, many of us are used to going abroad and finding everything is quite affordable. The pound has always been relatively strong and our prices in generally are fairly high compared to much of continental Europe, the USA and many other destinations. A lot in New York City is not expensive in real terms compared to places like London – perhaps one of the world’s most overpriced cities!

However, the exchange rate from pounds to dollars is pretty poor now, and prices haven’t adjusted to match. Gone are the days when a dollar only cost to 50p. The two currencies are much closer in value now, so you’ll feel like you’re paying over the odds.

Food is cheap enough if you like burgers

If you’re a fan of the American classic, the cheeseburger and fries, you’re going to the right place. There’s a huge amount of choice in New York City and it doesn’t have to cost a huge amount to get a great burger. If you fancy anything else, however, be prepared to pay a bit more. P.S. Pizza slices for a dollar are not a myth, but they are rare.

The road system is super efficient

If you’re used to driving (or walking) around the UK, especially in cities, you’ll be familiar with confusing and overwhelming road systems. The American grid system is almost unheard of here, but New York City offers an excellent example of it in action. Once you understand how the alternating one-way system works, you’ll be amazing how it keeps the traffic flowing. Pedestrian crossings are mostly made easy with precisely-calibrated timers to keep the pace.

It’s essential that you tip people

Tips are usually optional in UK restaurants, and that’s the only thought we give the matter. Meanwhile in the States, anyone who gives you a service will be hoping for a tip of 15% to 20% for their trouble. This can really push up your bill in a restaurant, especially if tax wasn’t included in the price either (this is pretty common).

There’s more to do than you think

Some of the best attractions in New York City are the most famous ones. The Empire State Building gives you an unmatched view of the entire city in the day or at night, despite no longer being the tallest point. But between the buildings, statues and other sights you planned for, you’ll probably find it impossible to stay on track. Expect to be sidetracked regularly and find ten new interesting sites for every one you visit.

Here are just a few more tips to help your trip go smoothly while you’re in New York…

  • Learn to recognise the coins quickly, especially the difference between quarters and nickels which look similar
  • Don’t accept “free” mixtapes from people in Times Square unless you want to spend the next 10 minutes negotiating a price
  • Remember to add approximately 8.75% tax on to prices in your head before paying, as it’s not normally included (except for some exempt items like clothing)
  • Be prepared for a no-nonsense approach when you have to deal with any police or security staff, especially at airport border control
  • Stop to enjoy the trip at every opportunity and try not to get stressed! It can be an overwhelming place to be, but New York City is designed to excite and entertain.
What Is World Travel Like When You’re Disabled?

What Is World Travel Like When You’re Disabled?

Travelling the world and experiencing new countries is something that appeals to the majority of people on some level. We are naturally curious and being in a new place can really open your eyes about the world around us. For many people, their experiences when travelling go on to influence their lives forever.

So what about people who are physically disabled and struggle to get around the same way that most of us do? Well, for a lot of people that simply isn’t going to be something they let get in their way. If you’re determined to do something you can always find a way to make it work.

That being said, there’s no avoiding the fact that travelling abroad and taking part in certain kinds of adventures just isn’t as easy when you have a disability. It can be difficult and frustrating when you’re looking for somewhere to stay and find nowhere that meets your requirements, or you realise there are no suitable transport options to get to that place you really wish you could visit one day.

Therefore there is a real need for services that provide disabled people with easy access to these opportunities. For example, directories that feature disabled holiday reviews and go into detail about accessibility can be really helpful. This is especially true when those reviews have actually been written by real disabled people who have travelled to the places in question and seen first hand what is on offer.

Sometimes the official websites for hotels, tourist destinations and transport companies like railways and airlines can be frustrating and uninformative when it comes to the requirements of disabled people. It can be surprisingly difficult to get any reliable information about what to expect when you arrive if you know that you will need some kind of extra help to get around. Of course, contacting providers directly can usually get results in this area but it’s not guaranteed.

Ultimately, travelling the world when you have limited mobility is more difficult than it would be for other people, but being prepared can make a massive difference. As long as you know what you need and you’re prepared for any circumstances that may arise, you have every chance of enjoying the trip of a lifetime and seeing everything you wanted to experience.

UK Taxi & Minicab Travellers’ Tips

UK Taxi & Minicab Travellers’ Tips

The UK has some of the most iconic minicab taxis in the world, especially in London where the black cab is almost on the same level as the famous red bus. Taxis can actually be a great way to get around in the UK if you’re a tourist, no matter what they look like.

Travelling by taxi is pretty straightforward and convenient, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting around the UK using them as your main mode of transport. It does help, however, if you bear in mind some simple tips.

1) Book minicab transfers

Minicabs are hired in advance rather than hailed in the street like a classic city centre taxi. Getting a minicab booked before you travel is a great way to save money, as they charge cheaper rates, plus you have the security of having your trip planned out and it’s one less thing to worry about when travelling. This is especially true for things like airport transfers, especially London airports like Gatwick, Stansted and Luton as they’re all a fair distance from the city itself.

2) Know your route

Most taxi drivers will have great local knowledge, especially in the centre of London. However, it definitely helps if you know where you’re going and how (roughly) to get there. Don’t presume to know better than the driver, but keep an eye out – they might get lost, or try to take you a longer way than you need to go.

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Travelling Adventures On A Budget

Travelling Adventures On A Budget

Most of us love to travel – it’s a natural part of being human, a curiosity to see more of the world and escape from day-to-day routine. Unfortunately, routine is usually what pays the bills, and travelling abroad can be expensive. Luckily, there are many alternative ideas you can try to see more of the world around you, both near and far, without breaking the bank. Here are a few options you may not have considered.

Cycling adventures

If you’re an occasional or regular cyclist, this is one of the best and cheapest ways to see more of your regional area. To get you a little further out of your usual comfort zone, consider investing in an electric bike. E-bikes are power-assisted to take you further with less effort, and can last a long time between charges. You can even buy cheap electric folding bikes which are super practical for taking in the car or on public transport to reach your destination. Cycling lets you explore, exercise and have fun without burning through fuel, so it’s a win-win situation.

Be flexible

It might help if you have a few ideas in mind, but a good way to cut down your holiday spend is to be open minded about where you go and what you do, even at the last minute. Look at train tickets and places you can get to in the car at a moment’s notice, wait for prices to drop and make a snap decision! You might find it a lot more fun and affordable than you think. If you get your heart set on a particular place, however, you’ll often have to pay over the odds to get there.

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Outdoor Activities to Try Out in the UK

Outdoor Activities to Try Out in the UK


Not sure how much is on offer in Britain for people who like their adventure sports? Actually you might be surprised at the range of activities on offer all across the country, and the standards these facilities are up to. If you’re new to the country or you’re a UK resident looking for a bit of adventure, we recommend trying out some of the following.

Lake and River Water Sports

The UK has a lot of stunning natural scenery when it comes to lakes, rivers and so on, which means there are also a lot of water sports going on! The Lake District is one of the best places for these kinds of outdoor pursuits.

Seaside Water Sports

Alternatively, you could visit the coastline to try out some even more adventurous sports and activities. Surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding and more are all available in various places in the UK, you just have to find them – and we would recommend trying these in the summer rather than during the colder months!

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