Outdoor Activities to Try Out in the UK

Outdoor Activities to Try Out in the UK


Not sure how much is on offer in Britain for people who like their adventure sports? Actually you might be surprised at the range of activities on offer all across the country, and the standards these facilities are up to. If you’re new to the country or you’re a UK resident looking for a bit of adventure, we recommend trying out some of the following.

Lake and River Water Sports

The UK has a lot of stunning natural scenery when it comes to lakes, rivers and so on, which means there are also a lot of water sports going on! The Lake District is one of the best places for these kinds of outdoor pursuits.

Seaside Water Sports

Alternatively, you could visit the coastline to try out some even more adventurous sports and activities. Surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding and more are all available in various places in the UK, you just have to find them – and we would recommend trying these in the summer rather than during the colder months!

Cave Exploration

This is for the braver tourists out there looking for a thrilling and challenging adventure. Acclimbatize in the Peak District is a great option for this, allowing you to explore the massive caves underground there, which are filled with impressive rock formations and waterfalls.

Rock Climbing

There’s more on offer in Britain than you might think in terms of rock climbing. Again the Peak District is a great place to try it, but there are many more choices including Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire. Different locations will be suitable for different skill levels, so as a beginner you can start on certain routes and after some training you’ll be able to tackle more advanced climbs. A great way to keep fit and have fun!


Here’s another daring one for your bucket list. The UK offers plenty in terms of flying courses, so within hours of training you could be flying a plane single handed! You can start to build up your training and reach a higher level once you practice enough and complete an exam. For something extra special, the Imperial War Museum runs lessons where you can flash back to the 1930s and learn to fly classic WWII fighter planes. What could be more British?

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