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Safest Places to Travel during COVID

Safest Places to Travel during COVID

The UK government are now allowing UK citizens to travel to certain countries listed in the green list. Another good news for travellers who have had their double vaccines is that they won’t have to isolate when returning from their travels. If you’re one of the many people looking to plan their next vacation during covid, below is a list of countries that are safe and open for travel. 


Denmark is one of the countries listed on the green list. They are now allowing travellers who have proof of vaccination to travel to Denmark. The most visited place in Denmark is Copenhagen. It offers plenty of activities and places to visit, including bike riding, museums, gardens, amusement parks, castles, and so much more. Denmark also has spectacular nightlife and is known for its beer culture. 


Croatia is currently one of the safest places to visit, with only two times fewer severe covid cases than other infected countries. Croatia is famous for its breathtaking national parks. Some of their best national parks include the Brijuni, Mijet and Kornati. There are also other places to explore in Croatia, which is an old town called Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a Unesco World Heritage site filled with houses with medieval walls. 


Iceland is known for its high vaccination rate, making it a safe place to travel during covid. Despite its cold weather, Iceland is a popular travel destination filled with beautiful landscapes, rivers and magical views. One of their most visited attractions is the Blue Lagoon, where guests can enjoy a hot geothermal spa in a milky blue pool. Iceland also has plenty of hiking areas, such as the Skaftafell Nature Reserve. 


Malta is another country with low cases of covid. Their tourist spots, including hotels, shops and restaurants, strictly follow the covid rules, from maintaining cleanliness and implementing safety measures. Malta is packed with fun activities,  beautiful architecture and sceneries that’s worth exploring. 

Family Holidays in Europe

Family Holidays in Europe


Europe is home to many beautiful countries, and it’s perfect for a family holiday. Each destination has something different to offer when it comes to attractions, accommodations and places to eat. Of course, there are plenty of countries to choose from, but to help you select your next holiday destination, we’ve provided you with some of our best recommendations below.


Amsterdam is filled with galleries, museums, coffee shops, riverside, street performers and theme parks to suit all ages. It’s the ideal place for a fun family holiday. There are plenty of fun activities to do including cycling, boat rides, shopping and so much more. It’s a city full of life and art. It is home to some of the most famous museums in the world including Van Gogh and Anne Frank.


Stockholm is a unique city in Sweden. It has a few island districts that can be visited by travelling on a ferry. It’s a great place to explore with the whole family. It has some similarities with Amsterdam when it comes to activities and cafes. For instance, Stockholm also holds some of the most famous art exhibitions in the world.


Vienna is the capital of Austria, and it’s one of the most historic and cultural countries in Europe. It’s also famous for its musical and theatrical events such as ballet performances and operas. The city is full of scenic areas which are perfect for going for a stroll around the town with the whole family.


Barcelona is full of vibrant and unique architecture. It’s one of the most visited cities in Europe due to many things including their quality traditional food and the Spanish traditions that many tourists are interested in exploring. Like most cities in Europe, it has plenty to offer and worth a visit.

Top reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel

Top reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel

Luxurious hotels are commonly seen as an expensive option or a luxury that’s only affordable by celebrities and the wealthy. However, it’s only recently where this is not the case anymore, as there are now plenty of affordable luxury hotels in the market no matter where you go. Due to the high level of competition within the tourism industry,  businesses are now keeping up with the level of standards that’s expected today. So apart from getting a better service from a luxury hotel, there are much more reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel when travelling anywhere.

If by any chance you are travelling to Greece, we recommend trying out a 5 stars hotel in Greece. The Porto Zante Villas & Spa is a perfect choice if you’re looking for one of the best hotels in the country. You can check out their villas by visiting their website on


Adventure and Activities

Many luxurious hotels offer much more than just a room and a bed. They provide a broad range of activities and areas in the hotel where you can try out various types of activities and events too. For instance, gyms and sports activities are available for customers who wants stay active even during their holiday. Other sports activities usually include cycling, tennis, yoga, water activities and many others.



If you don’t fancy exercising during your holiday, there are other activities that are more suited for relaxing. A spa treatment and a massage session are normally offered in most luxurious accommodations. Furthermore, they ensure that everything is comfortable during your stay and that includes providing you with the best quality of service from start to finish so that you can relax and not worry about anything.


Better Value

You are likely to get a better value for your money when choosing a luxurious hotel as they provide an exceptional service. For example, the rooms are well-decorated with better furniture with a more welcoming atmosphere as well. You are also entitled to other extra features like a WiFi access, drinks, breakfast, TV and more.


Better Surroundings

Most high-end hotels will no doubt come with a better scenery and surroundings. They are normally located in the best are of a location. Often you will find that they are located next to an open area, gardens or attractions. This way you won’t have to travel far away from your accommodation as there are plenty of things for you to discover inside and outside the hotel.


Restaurants and high-quality food

You can expect the best cuisines and plenty of food choices when visiting a luxury hotel. The hotels are employed with the best chefs to ensure that you are getting the best taste and quality when it comes to food. Fresh local ingredients are always served to a high standard, and you can try out new dishes too. So what’s not to like?

If you want an amazing experience during your holiday, getting a luxury hotel will give you far better value for your money as you will be getting the highest level of service right from the start and throughout your stay. So next time you book a hotel, try a luxury accommodation.  

Top 10 Places to Visit in 2016

Top 10 Places to Visit in 2016


If you are planning to travel, here are top 10 places to visit in 2016.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

This is s great place in Central America with top notch sea food hotels, overwater bungalows and others. There is also natural beauty with dense rain forest, coral reefs and great aquatic life.

Guadalajara, Mexico

This is a city that provides great architecture, art, music and other form of entertainment. The prestigious city has international book fair and film festivals for you to enjoy.

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond has rich history with ample art galleries and great shopping destinations. You also get to enjoy vegan baked goods, craft beers and bike baths.

Lille, France

Lille is a charming town with modern art museums and great clothing designs. It also has hot dining options such as neo bistros and craft beer dens.


This is country with rich history and great destinations you can enjoy your travel. It has elegant architecture, mosques and amazing gardens for you to enjoy your time.

Lanai, Hawaii

This is a place where you would feel like you are in heaven. Here you find no traffic lights and there are only two hotels, thus making you feel like you are in a small heaven.

Hangzhou, China

This is one of the richest cities in China with luxury restaurants and great architecture. It has natural beauty of west late, making it suitable place that would suit your needs.

Douro valley, Portugal

This was the first place to be officially designed as a wine region. When you visit the place you get a lot of rolling hills and several wineries for you to enjoy.

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt offers opening for great restaurants and hotels that you will enjoy your time and eat foods from different parts of the world.

Asbury Park, New Jersey 

This is a seaside city that offers rich history including spots such as stone pony and great shops where you can enjoy shopping.