Backpacking in Vietnam

Backpacking in Vietnam


Vietnam is a country in South East Asia. It’s also one of the best and cheapest place to start your backpacking journey. What’s more is that there is plenty of things to do and eat in Vietnam. It’s a country worth exploring as it offers many attractions and culture. But how do you get started? If you’re new to backpacking, don’t worry, we got you covered. Below are some of our tips and guides on how to get started with your backpacking journey in Vietnam.


Most countries will require a visa depending on the length of your stay. The UK and Spanish citizens can travel to Vietnam for 15 days without applying for a visa. For the rest of the countries, you will have to apply for a visa before stepping foot in Vietnam. It’s easy and cheap to apply for a visa as this will only cost you £20, and you can quickly fill out and send an application form online.


Many travellers want to know if it’s safe to travel in Vietnam. The answer is yes, it is safe. However, like many other destinations, especially cities, it’s always wise to be careful and be vigilant wherever you travel. Ensure you also look out for your belongings. When visiting the busiest cities like Ho Chi Minh, you must be aware of the vehicles around as they have plenty of motorbikes in that area.


Vietnam Dong is the currency of Vietnam. Before you travel, it’s recommended to exchange your currency and withdraw some cash beforehand. To get the most out of your money, look for places with higher rates and avoid exchanging your currency in the airport. Cards are acceptable in many areas. However, some may only take cash. So it’s essential to have some money with you at all times.


As mentioned previously, Vietnam is one of the cheapest places to travel. If you’re on a tight budget or you want to extend your visit, it would be ideal to have a budget in mind. Did you know that you can survive with just £15 a day in Vietnam? You can easily find accommodation for the night for as low as £3 to £7. The food is also cheap and costs around the same price. They have plenty of options for food, and we highly recommend trying out their street food. For getting around on a bus, you only need to pay less than a pound per journey.

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