Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Travel Guide


Amsterdam is a lively city filled with plenty of attractions and sceneries. If you’re looking to spend your weekend in Amsterdam or looking to stay for a few weeks, there are many activities that you can do and plenty of places to explore. 


Did you know that Amsterdam is known to have some of the best museums in the world? If you’re an art lover, you will be spoilt with choices! One of their most famous museums is called the Rijksmuseum which is filled with Dutch art and history. If you’re into paintings, they have the famous Van Gogh Museum. Other popular museums include the Anne Frank House and the Museum of Amsterdam Illusions. 

Bike Tour

The city of Amsterdam is filled with thousands of bike riders and travellers. The moment you step into the town, you’ll notice many bike travellers. If you want to experience the place on a bike, you can sign up for a bike tour where you can cycle with a group of people while exploring Amsterdam at the same time. 


Food lovers will be surprised by how many places there are to eat in Amsterdam. They are known to serve the best-looking breakfast and tastiest desserts in the world! They are also known for having some of the best pastry shops. 

Amsterdam Sign

If you love taking pictures for social media, then don’t forget to visit the Amsterdam sign located just behind the Rijksmuseum. Plenty of tourist visits this spot to capture the perfect Instagram shot. To avoid the crowd and own the space, make sure you stop by early in the morning. 


The city is known for its famous canals, and the best way to explore this part of Amsterdam is by boat. Boat trips will take you around the canals where you can get to experience and see the different parts of the area.

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