A travel guide to South Korea

A travel guide to South Korea

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South Korea has become one of the most popular destinations in Asia. It’s known for K Pop culture, Korean cuisines, Korean traditions, and so much more. If you’re travelling to South Korea for the first time, there are a few things you’ll need to know beforehand.

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Spending costs

The spending costs in Korea is relatively affordable. In terms of food costs, you can get a budget meal for around £4-5 from their street food markets. If you’re eating out in a restaurant, the prices can vary from £7-10 per 1-course meal.

With transport costs, it’s super cheap when you use their public transport system as they only cost less than a pound! Taxi, on the other hand, charges a lot more varying from £4 up to £30 depending on the length of your trip.


The currency is known as South Korean Won. You can exchange your currency in advanced in your country or from the airport. However, if you need more cash, they have plenty of local foreign exchange too. Most shops, restaurants and hotels in South Korea also accept card payments.


Before travelling to any country, it’s essential to keep your vaccinations in check. In South Korea, it’s recommended to get various vaccinations for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Typhoid. It’s very easy for travellers to get infected or get a disease in a foreign country. So be sure to keep your vaccinations up to date to protect yourself and avoid being ill.


When travelling, the internet is your best friend. By using the Wi-Fi, you can plan your entire stay, and it can also be used as a map which is ideal for finding places! In South Korea, there are thousands of free Wi-Fi spots everywhere. The Korean government is planning to open 10,000 freeWi-Fi spots across the country.

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