Top reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel

Top reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel

Luxurious hotels are commonly seen as an expensive option or a luxury that’s only affordable by celebrities and the wealthy. However, it’s only recently where this is not the case anymore, as there are now plenty of affordable luxury hotels in the market no matter where you go. Due to the high level of competition within the tourism industry,  businesses are now keeping up with the level of standards that’s expected today. So apart from getting a better service from a luxury hotel, there are much more reasons why you should choose a luxury hotel when travelling anywhere.

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Adventure and Activities

Many luxurious hotels offer much more than just a room and a bed. They provide a broad range of activities and areas in the hotel where you can try out various types of activities and events too. For instance, gyms and sports activities are available for customers who wants stay active even during their holiday. Other sports activities usually include cycling, tennis, yoga, water activities and many others.



If you don’t fancy exercising during your holiday, there are other activities that are more suited for relaxing. A spa treatment and a massage session are normally offered in most luxurious accommodations. Furthermore, they ensure that everything is comfortable during your stay and that includes providing you with the best quality of service from start to finish so that you can relax and not worry about anything.


Better Value

You are likely to get a better value for your money when choosing a luxurious hotel as they provide an exceptional service. For example, the rooms are well-decorated with better furniture with a more welcoming atmosphere as well. You are also entitled to other extra features like a WiFi access, drinks, breakfast, TV and more.


Better Surroundings

Most high-end hotels will no doubt come with a better scenery and surroundings. They are normally located in the best are of a location. Often you will find that they are located next to an open area, gardens or attractions. This way you won’t have to travel far away from your accommodation as there are plenty of things for you to discover inside and outside the hotel.


Restaurants and high-quality food

You can expect the best cuisines and plenty of food choices when visiting a luxury hotel. The hotels are employed with the best chefs to ensure that you are getting the best taste and quality when it comes to food. Fresh local ingredients are always served to a high standard, and you can try out new dishes too. So what’s not to like?

If you want an amazing experience during your holiday, getting a luxury hotel will give you far better value for your money as you will be getting the highest level of service right from the start and throughout your stay. So next time you book a hotel, try a luxury accommodation.  

UK Taxi & Minicab Travellers’ Tips

UK Taxi & Minicab Travellers’ Tips

The UK has some of the most iconic minicab taxis in the world, especially in London where the black cab is almost on the same level as the famous red bus. Taxis can actually be a great way to get around in the UK if you’re a tourist, no matter what they look like.

Travelling by taxi is pretty straightforward and convenient, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting around the UK using them as your main mode of transport. It does help, however, if you bear in mind some simple tips.

1) Book minicab transfers

Minicabs are hired in advance rather than hailed in the street like a classic city centre taxi. Getting a minicab booked before you travel is a great way to save money, as they charge cheaper rates, plus you have the security of having your trip planned out and it’s one less thing to worry about when travelling. This is especially true for things like airport transfers, especially London airports like Gatwick, Stansted and Luton as they’re all a fair distance from the city itself.

2) Know your route

Most taxi drivers will have great local knowledge, especially in the centre of London. However, it definitely helps if you know where you’re going and how (roughly) to get there. Don’t presume to know better than the driver, but keep an eye out – they might get lost, or try to take you a longer way than you need to go.

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Travelling Adventures On A Budget

Travelling Adventures On A Budget

Most of us love to travel – it’s a natural part of being human, a curiosity to see more of the world and escape from day-to-day routine. Unfortunately, routine is usually what pays the bills, and travelling abroad can be expensive. Luckily, there are many alternative ideas you can try to see more of the world around you, both near and far, without breaking the bank. Here are a few options you may not have considered.

Cycling adventures

If you’re an occasional or regular cyclist, this is one of the best and cheapest ways to see more of your regional area. To get you a little further out of your usual comfort zone, consider investing in an electric bike. E-bikes are power-assisted to take you further with less effort, and can last a long time between charges. You can even buy cheap electric folding bikes which are super practical for taking in the car or on public transport to reach your destination. Cycling lets you explore, exercise and have fun without burning through fuel, so it’s a win-win situation.

Be flexible

It might help if you have a few ideas in mind, but a good way to cut down your holiday spend is to be open minded about where you go and what you do, even at the last minute. Look at train tickets and places you can get to in the car at a moment’s notice, wait for prices to drop and make a snap decision! You might find it a lot more fun and affordable than you think. If you get your heart set on a particular place, however, you’ll often have to pay over the odds to get there.

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Safest Places to Travel during COVID

Safest Places to Travel during COVID

The UK government are now allowing UK citizens to travel to certain countries listed in the green list. Another good news for travellers who have had their double vaccines is that they won’t have to isolate when returning from their travels. If you’re one of the many people looking to plan their next vacation during covid, below is a list of countries that are safe and open for travel. 


Denmark is one of the countries listed on the green list. They are now allowing travellers who have proof of vaccination to travel to Denmark. The most visited place in Denmark is Copenhagen. It offers plenty of activities and places to visit, including bike riding, museums, gardens, amusement parks, castles, and so much more. Denmark also has spectacular nightlife and is known for its beer culture. 


Croatia is currently one of the safest places to visit, with only two times fewer severe covid cases than other infected countries. Croatia is famous for its breathtaking national parks. Some of their best national parks include the Brijuni, Mijet and Kornati. There are also other places to explore in Croatia, which is an old town called Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a Unesco World Heritage site filled with houses with medieval walls. 


Iceland is known for its high vaccination rate, making it a safe place to travel during covid. Despite its cold weather, Iceland is a popular travel destination filled with beautiful landscapes, rivers and magical views. One of their most visited attractions is the Blue Lagoon, where guests can enjoy a hot geothermal spa in a milky blue pool. Iceland also has plenty of hiking areas, such as the Skaftafell Nature Reserve. 


Malta is another country with low cases of covid. Their tourist spots, including hotels, shops and restaurants, strictly follow the covid rules, from maintaining cleanliness and implementing safety measures. Malta is packed with fun activities,  beautiful architecture and sceneries that’s worth exploring. 

Tips on finding cheap flights next year

Tips on finding cheap flights next year


In this new era, there are numerous ways you can get yourself a cheap flight. You don’t have to spend thousands of money on your plane ticket. The trick is to know where to look and how to find them. On this article, we’re giving you our latest tips on how to find cheap flights for your next trip!

Late Night Travel

Late-night travels tend to have cheaper tickets compared to day time travel. A late-night trip means your flight leaves pretty late at night and you get to your destination early in the morning. Travelling at night is not always convenient, but if you’re after a cheaper flight then it’s a no brainer!

Incognito Search

Have you ever looked for a flight and the next time you check the price, you realise the prices have gone up? Well, this is due to the search engines sending a report to travel sites telling them the tickets are being viewed. When a travel site sees a lot of traffic on a particular page, they usually put the prices up the next time you visit their site. To ensure this doesn’t happen, search using an incognito browser to hide your cookies from the search engine.

Travel alerts

Sign up for numerous email alerts from different travel companies. The alerts will update you if the prices drop or increases on the dates you want to travel. They may also email you with travel flights that are within your budget or available on the dates you’re looking to fly.

Google Flights

When comparing flight tickets, Google Flights does all the work for you. They compare all the available flight ticket from different companies at the time you want to travel. By changing the dates, you’ll be able to see the price fluctuates, which helps to find the lowest price available on different days of the month

A travel guide to South Korea

A travel guide to South Korea

south korea

South Korea has become one of the most popular destinations in Asia. It’s known for K Pop culture, Korean cuisines, Korean traditions, and so much more. If you’re travelling to South Korea for the first time, there are a few things you’ll need to know beforehand.

street food market

Spending costs

The spending costs in Korea is relatively affordable. In terms of food costs, you can get a budget meal for around £4-5 from their street food markets. If you’re eating out in a restaurant, the prices can vary from £7-10 per 1-course meal.

With transport costs, it’s super cheap when you use their public transport system as they only cost less than a pound! Taxi, on the other hand, charges a lot more varying from £4 up to £30 depending on the length of your trip.


The currency is known as South Korean Won. You can exchange your currency in advanced in your country or from the airport. However, if you need more cash, they have plenty of local foreign exchange too. Most shops, restaurants and hotels in South Korea also accept card payments.


Before travelling to any country, it’s essential to keep your vaccinations in check. In South Korea, it’s recommended to get various vaccinations for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Typhoid. It’s very easy for travellers to get infected or get a disease in a foreign country. So be sure to keep your vaccinations up to date to protect yourself and avoid being ill.


When travelling, the internet is your best friend. By using the Wi-Fi, you can plan your entire stay, and it can also be used as a map which is ideal for finding places! In South Korea, there are thousands of free Wi-Fi spots everywhere. The Korean government is planning to open 10,000 freeWi-Fi spots across the country.

Safe destinations for Solo Travelers

Safe destinations for Solo Travelers

For first-timers, travelling solo can be daunting. When venturing out on your own, it’s important to consider a safe destination. To help you choose the right destinations, we’ve listed the safest destinations in the World.



Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the World with plenty of police patrolling around the country. They also have strict rules and punishment for those who break the law. So, it’s safe to say that Singapore is ideal for solo Travelers whose priority is safety. Not only is the city safe, but it’s also packed with food markets, restaurants and shopping malls, enough to keep you busy during your travels? If you’re a food lover or a shopaholic, then this destination would be perfect.



Denmark is said to be one of the cleanest and happiest destinations in the World. For solo travellers, there are plenty of activities and places to go. One of their most visited destinations is their city, Copenhagen. Experience their ‘hygge’ culture by visiting one of their local pubs. To get around the city, they have plenty of cycling tour which you can experience with other local and international tourists.



Japan is heavily policed. Security cameras are also everywhere here. For the record, Japan is also known for having the lowest crime thefts in the World. In Japanese culture, cleanliness is important. That’s why Japan is one of the cleanest places in the World. The country is visited by thousands of tourists every year. They also have different types of accommodations to suit all budgets, including capsule hotels, hostels and many others. If you prefer the city, you can visit Tokyo and experience their food markets, shops and nightlife. If you’re looking for a countryside experience, you can visit their smaller towns, including Nagasaki or one of their islands

new zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is pretty much a haven for travellers looking for outdoor adventures as it’s bursting with natural sceneries along with outdoor and water activities. New Zealand is safe to explore by yourself, and there are plenty of backpackers who visit this country every year.

Places to see in Corfu

Places to see in Corfu


Corfu is known as the second largest Ionian islands in Greece. The island has plenty of historical attraction and known to have the best-preserved buildings in Europe. Thousands of visitors visit the island every year to see it’s incredible landscape and beautiful beaches. Although it’s a small island, it has plenty of things to offer. Below are a list of activities and places you can see in Corfu. 


The word Angelokastro translates to Angel’s castle. It is situated on the top of Corfu’s highest peaks. The castle is an integral part of the island’s history as it was used to defend and fight invaders off the island. The castle features high towering walls which proven to be useful back during an invasion.

Vidos Island

The Vidos island is situated in the port of Corfu just half a mile from the old town. During World War, the island was used as a quarantine hospital for sick Serbian soldiers who arrived in Corfu from a war retreat in Albania. Many Serbian soldiers who died on the island was buried off the sea due to the small size of the island. It is another historical attraction that you wouldn’t want to miss during your visit.

Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace

The Achilleion is a beautiful palace surrounded by statues of gods and philosophers. An Austrian Empress name Elisabeth designed the palace. Elisabeth fell in love with the island and decided to build the mansion based on a Phoenician style. After her death, the palace was used for different purposes during the World War.

Spianada Square

The Spianada square is the largest square in Greece and also the main square on the Corfu island. The area is surrounded by other monuments including the Palace of Saints Michael and George and the old fortress. Many people gather here during the daylight.

Backpacking Essentials

Backpacking Essentials

Backpacking is becoming a popular travelling trend where travellers would only bring a bag pack filled with their travelling essentials. It’s a minimalist way of travelling without carrying too much baggage. It is essential for camping trips, weekend trips or even longer trips. Below are some of the most basic things you should bring on your backpacking journey. 

Microfiber Towel

Microfibre towels are thin, lightweight and fast absorbing which is perfect for backpacking. You want to avoid bringing a large thick towel that takes up too much space on your bag. 

Power Bank

All travellers would usually bring devices that will help their journey a lot easier. However, finding a place to charge your devices may not always be easy, and in case you lose your power, it’s important to bring a backup charger. Power banks can charge all kinds of devices including smartphones and tablet. 

water bottle

Water Bottle

Having a water bottle will be handy for your trip especially if it involves a lot of walking. It will also help you save money on your journey as you won’t have to buy any bottle of drinks when you get thirsty. If you want to keep your backpack as spacious as possible, you can opt in for a folding water bottle instead of a plastic bottle. 

Basic Versatile Clothing

When packing your clothes, it’s ideal only to bring clothes that you would wear. Depending on how long you’re travelling, you may want to decide on how many clothing you will carry with you. The less clothing, the lighter your backpack will be. If you’re going for a weekend trip, you can bring two pieces of everything including your top, jeans, underwear, pyjama, jacket and socks. 

Swiss Army Knife

For travellers who are camping or will undergo long journeys, carrying a Swiss army knife can be useful for certain things. There are many ways you can use a Swiss knife, and you may want to do a few research on how and where or when you can use this tool during your travel. 

Toiletry Bag

Toiletries should include your essentials including toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, soap and shampoo. It’s important to freshen up during your travels.

Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Travel Guide


Amsterdam is a lively city filled with plenty of attractions and sceneries. If you’re looking to spend your weekend in Amsterdam or looking to stay for a few weeks, there are many activities that you can do and plenty of places to explore. 


Did you know that Amsterdam is known to have some of the best museums in the world? If you’re an art lover, you will be spoilt with choices! One of their most famous museums is called the Rijksmuseum which is filled with Dutch art and history. If you’re into paintings, they have the famous Van Gogh Museum. Other popular museums include the Anne Frank House and the Museum of Amsterdam Illusions. 

Bike Tour

The city of Amsterdam is filled with thousands of bike riders and travellers. The moment you step into the town, you’ll notice many bike travellers. If you want to experience the place on a bike, you can sign up for a bike tour where you can cycle with a group of people while exploring Amsterdam at the same time. 


Food lovers will be surprised by how many places there are to eat in Amsterdam. They are known to serve the best-looking breakfast and tastiest desserts in the world! They are also known for having some of the best pastry shops. 

Amsterdam Sign

If you love taking pictures for social media, then don’t forget to visit the Amsterdam sign located just behind the Rijksmuseum. Plenty of tourist visits this spot to capture the perfect Instagram shot. To avoid the crowd and own the space, make sure you stop by early in the morning. 


The city is known for its famous canals, and the best way to explore this part of Amsterdam is by boat. Boat trips will take you around the canals where you can get to experience and see the different parts of the area.

Family Holidays in Europe

Family Holidays in Europe


Europe is home to many beautiful countries, and it’s perfect for a family holiday. Each destination has something different to offer when it comes to attractions, accommodations and places to eat. Of course, there are plenty of countries to choose from, but to help you select your next holiday destination, we’ve provided you with some of our best recommendations below.


Amsterdam is filled with galleries, museums, coffee shops, riverside, street performers and theme parks to suit all ages. It’s the ideal place for a fun family holiday. There are plenty of fun activities to do including cycling, boat rides, shopping and so much more. It’s a city full of life and art. It is home to some of the most famous museums in the world including Van Gogh and Anne Frank.


Stockholm is a unique city in Sweden. It has a few island districts that can be visited by travelling on a ferry. It’s a great place to explore with the whole family. It has some similarities with Amsterdam when it comes to activities and cafes. For instance, Stockholm also holds some of the most famous art exhibitions in the world.


Vienna is the capital of Austria, and it’s one of the most historic and cultural countries in Europe. It’s also famous for its musical and theatrical events such as ballet performances and operas. The city is full of scenic areas which are perfect for going for a stroll around the town with the whole family.


Barcelona is full of vibrant and unique architecture. It’s one of the most visited cities in Europe due to many things including their quality traditional food and the Spanish traditions that many tourists are interested in exploring. Like most cities in Europe, it has plenty to offer and worth a visit.

Backpacking in Vietnam

Backpacking in Vietnam


Vietnam is a country in South East Asia. It’s also one of the best and cheapest place to start your backpacking journey. What’s more is that there is plenty of things to do and eat in Vietnam. It’s a country worth exploring as it offers many attractions and culture. But how do you get started? If you’re new to backpacking, don’t worry, we got you covered. Below are some of our tips and guides on how to get started with your backpacking journey in Vietnam.


Most countries will require a visa depending on the length of your stay. The UK and Spanish citizens can travel to Vietnam for 15 days without applying for a visa. For the rest of the countries, you will have to apply for a visa before stepping foot in Vietnam. It’s easy and cheap to apply for a visa as this will only cost you £20, and you can quickly fill out and send an application form online.


Many travellers want to know if it’s safe to travel in Vietnam. The answer is yes, it is safe. However, like many other destinations, especially cities, it’s always wise to be careful and be vigilant wherever you travel. Ensure you also look out for your belongings. When visiting the busiest cities like Ho Chi Minh, you must be aware of the vehicles around as they have plenty of motorbikes in that area.


Vietnam Dong is the currency of Vietnam. Before you travel, it’s recommended to exchange your currency and withdraw some cash beforehand. To get the most out of your money, look for places with higher rates and avoid exchanging your currency in the airport. Cards are acceptable in many areas. However, some may only take cash. So it’s essential to have some money with you at all times.


As mentioned previously, Vietnam is one of the cheapest places to travel. If you’re on a tight budget or you want to extend your visit, it would be ideal to have a budget in mind. Did you know that you can survive with just £15 a day in Vietnam? You can easily find accommodation for the night for as low as £3 to £7. The food is also cheap and costs around the same price. They have plenty of options for food, and we highly recommend trying out their street food. For getting around on a bus, you only need to pay less than a pound per journey.

Tips for Travelling in the Wilderness

Tips for Travelling in the Wilderness

wild travel

Travelling in the wilderness sounds exciting and full of adventure. However, it can also be quite dangerous if you don’t prepare and plan. Travellers would generally hike from A to B for long hours, and it’s important to educate yourself about nature and the surroundings that you’re going to explore. Necessarily, you would also need to learn some survival skills in case of emergencies. For beginners who have never travelled in the wilderness, make sure to follow our tips and guidelines below for a safer and more enjoyable journey.

Navigation skills

The wildlife is massive, and you can easily get lost if you can’t navigate your way around. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how to navigate when you find yourself lost. It’s also a useful skill for choosing the safer path to ensure safety. Maps and compasses would be essential to bring with you, but in case you lose them, your navigation skills won’t let you down.

Fire generating skills

Fire is useful for many things. For instance, when the temperature drops it could easily be used for keeping warm. You could also make a campfire and heat up your food when needed. For survival situations, it could even save your life. Imagine you have run out of drinking water and you were unable to find clean drinking water. You could purify the water by heating it with fire.

Survival skills

You cannot travel the wilderness without knowing the basics of survival skills. Make sure you do your research well and look to improve your survival skills before jumping in. Ideally, you could join a survival course or training. A few general survival skills should include finding different ways to look and hunt for food. It could be learning how to for plants that are edible. Other survival skills could involve setting up a bed for the night in case of emergencies.